Let’s Get This Party Started…

Accepting All Humanity is a concept that was developed by Michele Travis back in June 2012. I was invited to join a small team of compassionate writers to discuss the topics of human diversity, racism in the world, and other related sociological topics.

Well, we are now in early 2014 and we haven’t really launched yet… The idea for this site was to bring like-minded compassionate people together to help expose the truth of inequality and to try to get others to join us in our crusade to spread the concept of equality.

In Michele’s own words:

Trying to invite people to come join this group. If you or anyone you know would like to join please join. We accept anyone. We are against racism, sexism, or bias or any kind. This site does not look like anything yet. We have only been open for a few minutes. Have not even invited my friends yet. Don’t even know what to do yet. Will try to find out…”

Together We Can Change The World…
© 2012 JS Matthew

Since this site was created, many things have happened around the world that should be discussed. I would like to start my first post here on a positive note highlighting some of the good in this world instead of the bad. How about the Muslim community in Pakistan that is sick of violence and created a Human Chain to protect local Christians attending a Christian Mass? Go ahead…click on the link to see the photos. (I can’t add them here because I don’t have copyright permissions)

How about this collection of people doing good and helping others that may not normally be considered allies or friends, and most often, considered enemies? Check out this article that shows 14 different visually captured incidents over time that prove that there is still hope for humans and for our world condition: Huffington Post Good News.

Do you remember when a whole community from San Francisco got together and made a very sick boy’s dream come true? Check out a 5 year old boy named Miles Scott whom is in remission from leukemia and whose dream came true thanks to the Make A Wish Foundation and thousands of San Francisco residents.

Now I know that I referenced the Huffington Post here quite a bit. I do that because first, that is where I get much of my news and second, it was the easiest way to share these stories. There are millions of positive stories from around the world out there. Unfortunately, most of the news we read today is distorted, negative, and influenced by big money. My purpose here is to get the conversation started. Why not start on a positive note?

So let’s get this party started! Let’s invite others to share their experiences about the human condition. If you look around, things are not all bad. There is a lot of good out there and we need to share that good news with everyone we know. There is hope. Only we can create change and make a difference. What do you have to say about this? Please share this article, follow this blog and leave a comment.



J.S. Matthew is a Freelance Writer and Photographer. He enjoys Photography, Recipes, Product and Movie Reviews, and researching new topics to write about. © 2012 JS Matthew

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  1. Thank you for posting this. What is strange, is that I thought it was closed down. I have not paid for the website, but the blog is still open on wordpress. Wonderful. Lets get this party started. I will forward this! Michele

  2. Hey Michele! I kinda forgot about it too. We never did get very far. Yes, it is still on WordPress but we can’t add video or anything complicated. It really would be nice to get this going and have guest bloggers add to it. Let’s see what happens!


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